Wednesday, May 27, 2009

list anyone?

(spring through my office window--the leaves are back)

The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.

~ John F. Kennedy ~

Something tells me that Kennedy was not the first person who uttered that statement. I guess they had to attribute it to someone.

Lots of roof repairing weather going on here. It's a good thing.

Not so much squirrel feeding though...or picture taking.

Maybe tomorrow. Next on my list is painting the downstairs bathroom, putting my desk together, and reorganizing my office. Wonder when I'll get that done?

How about you? What's on your list?


Mike said...

Kennedy. A great mind.

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Joan said...

Lists are so necessary. They help to prioritize, evaluate and put into perspective that which we wish to accomplish. There is such satisfaction in crossing something off, even if it was only a simple mundane everyday task. Not everything on my list gets accomplished, but at least the list tells me that I will get to it someday--like moving my Christmas decorations from the guest bedroom out to the garage!

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Start with the desk. Definitely.

margie said...

my list???? declutter declutter and when i finish that declutter.

She said...

My list: 1. Get over myself! 2. Try to learn a few Korean phrases. 3. Try not to squish a senior suffering from intense senioritis and getting on my last nerve. 4. Take a long, long nap!

Christina said...

Cleaning everything I don't need or use, out of my house. Argh... I'm so over it. lol
; )

Michelle O'Neil said...

-Whitening my teeth
-finishing my beer
-running a 5K with my daughter
-planning a birthday party for a soon to be nine year old
-getting a hair cut
-cleaning this house
-going on a date with my husband
-getting an estimate for a fence (for the service dog)
-singing in a concert
-reading a stack of books
-writing a book
-making dentist appts for the kids
-weeding the flower beds
-getting to bed at a reasonable hour

graceonline said...

List. List. Next is to go to bed by nine. But it's already after midnight. Just couldn't sleep without checking into the world of Wanda before the weekend ends. Always gives me sweet dreams on which to start the week.