Saturday, May 23, 2009

coincidence: part deux

(photo by mom...mine, not his)

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Program (PEAR) conducted a study for almost 30 years. The purpose was to study the interaction of consciousness and sensitive inanimate physical devices.

In layperson's terms (mine), the study recorded computers with random number generators and looked at correlations between the output of those generators and world events. What they found is that before a major world occurrence (such as the events on September 11, 2001) the randomness of the output became less random and began to develop a noticeable pattern.

In brief, they found that "The enormous databases produced by PEAR provide clear evidence that human thought and emotion can produce measurable influences on physical reality." (See PEAR press release.)

The 20th century denotation of "coincidence"...


[koh-in-si-duhns] Show IPA
1. a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance: Our meeting in Venice was pure coincidence.
2. the condition or fact of coinciding.
3. an instance of this.

1595–1605; coincid(ent) + -ence

1. accident, luck, fate.
...must give way to the 21st century denotation...

(kō-ĭn'sĭ-dəns, -děns')
  1. The state or fact of occupying the same relative position or area in space.
  2. A sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged.

What doesn't change is that both refer to "events that happen in the same place and time." What's the difference? In the first definition, cause is attributed to "accident, luck, fate." In the second, cause is unknown--but there is a cause.

The point of the PEAR study is that we do effect the events and occurrences of this world. No longer can we attribute coincidence to chance without a "first cause." Attribution to a cause is a given even if we don't know what that cause is.

Bottom line: We are all connected, inter-related, inter-dependent and we affect each other.

Do I believe in coincidence? Absolutely, more than ever. In fact, I believe that creating coincidence is possible and may be the wave of the future.

What do you all think?

PS - Regarding "waiting"...all is well. It was just one of those days where the waiting for others took more time than the scheduled events. I found it tiring that day. Thanks for your concern.


She said...

"Bottom line: We are all connected, inter-related, inter-dependent and we affect each other."


Christina said...

I really do believe this. I also kind of love that thought. It seems sort of peaceful.

SE'LAH... said...

The world is interconnected. It blows my mind that some individuals move about in the world so careless-ly.

So glad your squirrel friends are realising your interconnectedness ;)

Carrie Wilson Link said...

We are one.

graceonline said...

Good gracious, I remember reading about PEAR when it was new. Yikes! But I have tears in my eyes reading that science at last has proven what the sages have known for millenia. Do you know what this means, everyone? We CAN make peace by visioning it. Do you think five minutes a day can be enough? Standing, sitting, for peace for just five minutes a day?