Friday, May 15, 2009

is it your business if i love you?

(in between bites of the flowers)

If I love you, what business is it of yours?

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ~
Yes, I know it is a repeat. Yesterday's post brought up some interesting responses for people, so perhaps it is worth repeating.

I'd love to hear more of your thoughts about what this means. I see it as many layered. Depending upon your point of view and your viewing point, the meaning comes from several directions all at once. Or maybe there is some built in Rorschach to it...not that I have any intention of analyzing your responses.

Someone asked what it means to me. One response is not enough:

  • Who I love is my business and I will go about the business of loving them whether they are aware of my love or not.
  • What would it mean to you if you knew I love you?
  • I am responsible for my feelings.
  • My loving you is not dependent upon your knowing it and responding in a certain way.
Those are for starters. Tell me yours.

On another note...

Squirrel update: They came when I called this morning. Apparently, squirrel politics abound. Three red males appeared this morning. One of them came and took two consecutive peanuts from my hand. The others wouldn't approach. They did, however, run off my little buddy. I guess they don't (a) like him fraternizing with the humans or (b) getting more peanuts than they do. After the others challenged him a couple times, he wouldn't come back for more.

No problem. Tomorrow is another day.


SE'LAH... said...

Love your interpretation.

Another could be the psycho stalker who won't leave you alone. Glad I don't have one of least that I know of.

Glad your friends are playing nice again. ;-)

Joan said...

I still think it is about how it makes you feel to love someone. Of course, to love and be loved in return is the ideal situation, but it is still possible to feel good about the way you feel about someone else whether or not they even know it or are willing or able to return it.

She said...

I love a lot of people who don't love me back -- doesn't really change the fact that I love them!

Kath said...

I think it is about owning my love for you. My love for you is my love. You receive it accept it (or ignore it or reject it) but it is still my love. I never actually give it away. I share it with you, I spread it over you, I ache in my own heart with it, but it is MY love for YOU. If you give YOUR love of ME back, then whoa ... that's what it's all about.
Love Kath
The message, keep on loving, because it is all that matters.

rebecca said...

I thought the quote was specifically related to the picture. The squirrel benefitting from your love but completely unaware of it.

Wanda said...

Se'Lah... :) are right.

Joan, I agree and I am glad you love me, Thithter.

She, I love people who don't even know I exist!

Kath, right on!

Rebecca, you got that right.

graceonline said...

Thank you for writing more about this post. I love your responses, as a matter of fact. They illuminate this quotation for me, which at first glance continues to startle me. I see someone, hands on hips, head reared back, nose pointing upward, lifting a long finger to wag in my face, and I think, "Yikes! That's love?"

Your four assertions change that in a good way. Thank you, Wanda.

She said...

I know you exist, and I love you! ;-)

Sabac_one said...

maybe because love isnt a business. its not bureaucratized (or it shouldnt be) But i also think of that type of love from afar; like two souls that are perfect for each other but never quite made that connection. maybe you can secertly love somebody but i feel love isnt really love until it confesses itself.