Thursday, September 24, 2009

love thursday 09.24.09 ~ you are the face of love

The hunger for God can only be satisfied by a love that is face to face, person to person. It is only in the eyes of another that we can find the Icon of Christ. We must make the other person aware we love him. If we do, he will know that God loves him. He will never hunger again.

~ Catherine de Hueck Doherty ~
Catholic social activist and founder of Madonna House

I find it very difficult to love someone who drives 5 to 15 miles per hour under the speed limit on a highway in front of me, won't use the slow moving vehicle turnouts, speeds up on the straight-aways, crosses the center line with traffic oncoming, steps on the brakes every 100 feet--syncopated with dimming and brightening the headlights, and intermittently turning on the left turn signal (just to tease me into thinking he would actually turn and get out of my way).

I didn't flip him off or curse him.

Guess I am making progress.

Happy Love Thursday!


Joan said...

You did good, thithter!

The photo is wonderful!

iasa said...

Well done. I would have been grumbling nonstop.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

I used to be a major road rager, but somewhere along the line I bought into the no accidents part of that, too, and now I thank those slow pokes for keeping me where I am, instead of putting me somewhere I'm not meant to be yet.