Wednesday, August 12, 2009

laughter: vive les rois

("i am the king!" says honeyboy)

Susan Sparks [a trial attorney who became a Baptist minister]:

"I can't understand why people don't think God has a sense of humor, given 1 Kings 5:9, where the Lord strikes all the Philistines with hemorrhoids."

In "Trust Jesus and Elvis," [one of her sermons] she explains what Christians can learn from the King. "Elvis fans believe the King lives, baby--there are sightings every day, from a beach in Singapore to a Burger King in Detroit," Sparks says. "If only Christians had that kind of faith."

from "Does God Have a Sense of Humor?" by Jennifer Haupt Ode Magazine August 2009

HoneyBoy and Mijo got a rough start. After being here a week, HoneyBoy stopped eating. With kittens, downhill can happen really fast. We took them both to the doctor and found that they have a one-celled intestinal bug.

After five days on the antibiotics, HoneyBoy rallied. Mijo started to slide. I looked up the medication and found that a lot of Mijo's symptoms could be side effects of the medication. Hmm.

Is the bug winning? Is he experiencing die-off? Is he having medication side effects? The vet didn't want me to stop the medication. I trusted my intuition and that is exactly what I did. Today, he is better.

Tomorrow? I'm thinking better yet.


margie said...

wanda these little guys couldn't have ended up with a better mother than you!!! i know that for sure. love them to pieces.

Joan said...

So glad your motherly instinct is helping make your babies better. They are so adorable.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Fingers crossed!

vchelle said...

They are sooo adorable.. Look at that face! I'm so glad you followed your intuition!!

SE'LAH... said...

wow...what a gorgeous photo. so endearing.