Tuesday, August 04, 2009

vet trip #1 / blog experiments

HoneyBoy hasn't been eating. Mijo has a red, squinty eye. Took them to the doctor. She thinks they are younger than I was told they are. I suspect so. So now we need to feed HoneyBoy by hand for a while until he catches up. Mijo needs a drop in his eye twice a day. The good news is that they are both FIV and FLV free.

I am trying to figure out things about my blog:
How to post bigger pictures...
What kind of template to use...
Whether "Blogger in Draft" is for me. (This post is "Blogger in Draft".)

No answers yet.

Yes, I have taken more pictures of the kittens and not much else. Oh, well. There are only so many hours in a day. Enjoy them while they are young...right?


Joan said...

Yes, devote your time to the kitties, especially since you are replacing the mommy that they were taken away from so young. Kitty cuddles are therapeutic not only for them but for you. Relax and enjoy.

Carrie Wilson Link said...


Christina said...

Aww look at him. Take care of the kittens and give them a nice rub behind the ear from auntie Christina.
: )