Saturday, August 22, 2009


"Feelings...wo wo wo...feelings...."

Nothing brings up our own stuff more than being in relationship and looking at the mirror our beloved provides for us. Throughout my life, relationships have provided (and continue to provide) the crucible for purification of my elemental self.

This excerpt from today's Yoga Journal daily email, "Daily Insight" (by Erica Rodefer) spoke to me. Since I got nuthin' else to post this morning, I thought I would share this wealth:

Stop, Count to Ten

When we enter into an intimate relationship, few of us escape visitations of insecurity and shame, of aversion and jealousy. Learning to bring an openhearted presence to these kinds of feelings, rather than reacting out of fear or hurt, is not easy. But when we are willing to stay put and pay attention at precisely the moments when we most want to lash out, cling tightly, or pull away, our relationship becomes a path of deep personal healing and spiritual transformation. As with any type of yoga, one of the blessings of the yoga of relationships is the profound inner freedom that comes from realizing the goodness and beauty of our essential Being.

Learning to pause is the first step toward transformation and healing. We pause by stopping what we're doing—we stop blaming, withdrawing, obsessing, distracting ourselves. In the space a pause creates, our natural awareness arises, allowing us to be mindful, to recognize what is happening inside us without judgment. By pausing, we begin to dismantle lifelong patterns of avoiding or distancing.

Anyone else resonate with it? Care to share?


Carrie Wilson Link said...

Deeply resonates, and no, don't care to share. Sorry. I will say this, Eckhart Tolle says, "Relationships are not here to make us happy, they are here to make us conscious." I remind myself of that several times a day.

SE'LAH... said...

i believe in pause and reflection. saved me more times than i'd like to admit.

She said...

Yes. It resonates. All tooooo well.

Pause is good. And today I NEEDED to hear that! Thank you!