Sunday, August 23, 2009

questions i'd like answers to


Even when the right thing to do is obvious, you may not always be the right person to do it. ... The right action for you at a given moment may not be the right action for me. That's what makes the contemplation of personal dharma so tricky and so vital.

~ Erica Rodefer ~
Yoga Journal

How can kittens poop and pee more than they eat and still grow and gain weight?

How can anyone think that a white (or any color) man is more fair and impartial than a Hispanic (or any color) woman? [If you look at the famous blue eye-brown eye experiment, men are much more likely to be treated compassionately if a person from an oppressed group now were to come into a position of authority.]

Why is it that when I find a product I really like, the manufacturer discontinues it--especially bras?

Why do time, energy, motivation, and resources so seldom coincide?

What can I use that will reach far enough to scratch the itch inside my ear?


Kamana said...

the your third question - i find the same thing happens to me too!

and the last question - i probably shouldnt admit to this, but i use something that was given to me by a dentist friend years ago - a thin metal instrument used by dentists - for god knows what - which has a tiny scoop like end. perfect for ear scratching!!! ;)

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Where do I begin?

SE'LAH... said...

you're too funny!


She said...

That makes my head hurt! I wish I knew the answers. I'd certainly tell you!