Thursday, August 06, 2009

love thursday 08.06.09 ~ laughter: insurance against divorce

(catalpa blossom)

Psychologist John Gottman, who specializes in marital stability and divorce, has found that for couples who stay married more than seven years, the absence of laughter predicts divorce far more consistently that the presence of outright animosity.

from the article "I Laugh, Therefore I Am" by Blaine Greterman
Ode Magazine (August 2009)
If you are not familiar with Ode Magazine, run on over and take a look. Ode bills itself as the magazine for "intelligent optimists." I love it. Does that make me intelligent? An optimist? Oh, I hope so.

Anyway, this month's issue is about laughter. I am reading it from cover to cover--okay, I skip some of the ads and skim some of the articles, but most of this month's issue is well worth reading.

Obama's grandmother is on the cover, showing us her spontaneous laughter at hearing that Barack had won the presidential election. Sweet, sweet smile.

So many good quotes and a few good (or sometimes corny) jokes jump out at me that I decided to do a series of posts on laughter.

I love laughter and I love laughing. What better day to start than on Love Thursday? Join me in laughter and antics. If you have a funny story to add, post it on your blog and leave your link in the comments. Or tell me a joke here. Anything to keep the laughter growing.

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margie said...

wanda i missed you the last couple of days while i was away. this little message is the truth, laughter holds you together more than anything. it is the precursor to love.

Christina said...

i don't think i have heard of this magazine. i will have to check it out soon. i am looking crazy this morning- now that would make us all laugh.

Carrie Wilson Link said...

Nobody makes me laugh harder than STM, John Gottman is right.

rebecca said...

I love to laugh - you make me laugh a lot. It doeth good like medicine.

Shalet said...

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Happy Love Thursday!

Joan said...

Happy Love Thursday! No one makes me laugh like you do, Wanda. I just have to see that cute little sideways look and I'm a gonner!