Thursday, August 27, 2009

love thursday 08.27.09 ~ belonging through love

My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.

~ Desmond Tutu ~

So easily I assume that people agree with me: politically, spiritually, emotionally--other ways, too. I must admit, I like the illusion. I like the feeling of belonging to a group of people who share my perspective.

Then I find out we are not of the same political party--or we have different and sometimes opposing spiritual perspectives--or our emotional skill, understanding, and approach differ. I am shocked. (I am a little embarrassed to admit that.)

At that point, I remind myself: This is the same person I loved unconditionally a few minutes ago. (Or was it unconditional?) The only thing that has changed is my new found knowledge of their viewing point. Hmm. I still love them. And we disagree.

While I respectfully disagree, I hope that they, too, continue to love me. Unconditionally. We can still belong to the same each other.

Love is bigger than ideas and ideals.


amelia said...

I do love this perspective- loving unconditional- I am so proud of me and some of my best girlfriends have opposing views on some pretty relevant issues- and that's ok- it ends with unconditional acceptance and love for one another and we move on to enjoy the pure joy & gifts we bring to one anothers lives. Thanks for your thoughts!

Joan said...

What a wonderful message and a wonderful concept--unconditional love. There are so many kinds of love that are joyous to share.

Happy Love Thursday!

vchelle said...

Loving unconditionally is an understanding that we sincerely and humbly accept and embrace each other! It's acceptance that we are all our journey. Sure we may not agree with everything, but when we focus on what we share commonly and love each other when we don't. What else is left? Right? Sending love always!!!

vchelle said...

P.S. I'm telling all of you in blogland that I sooo miss all of you! Grad school has taken over my blogging time a bit, but know that I'm here wishing and thinking of you!